This is a very materialistic era, an era of unprecedented prosperity of commerce. When millions of goods can be swiped within a small screen, when most of the people are go for online shopping instead of shopping strolls, when the wheels of the delivery man removing the logistics problems. The conducts of human beings continued for thousands of years are undergoing unprecedented changes. Online buying trend is like a hurricane, has become the dominant trend of shopping consumption. In 2017, the Double-11 transaction amount of Taobao and Tianmao exceeded RMB 168.2 billion, the e-commerce industry have created a new business legend. These legends are made by hundreds of millions of Internet users. Every time we search, every click, and every time we spend, we have a huge amount of profits which had nothing to do with the great benefits that come from the release of these energies. Consumers’ huge spending powers have created the success of e-commerce platforms again and again, but they neglected the existence of consumers. The 21st century is the era of consumer sovereignty, but also the era of consumer spending online shopping era, but how can we participate in this new wave of wealth distribution?

WinMall - is the world's most representative of the ABC model e-commerce platform.

ABC mode

A-agent (agent), B-business (business), C-consumer (user). WinMall is a new type of e-commerce platform that integrates marketing, sales and marketing with agents, consumers and merchants in an effective manner.

WinMall proposed agents, consumers and merchants are the boss of the new concept – Prosumer

Prosumers have the triple identities of agents, consumers and merchants that can be transformed into each other. Everyone is a producer, consumer, manager, collaborator and manager of this platform. Global consumers serve each other and support each other. You have me, I have you, the real formation of a resource sharing symbiosis benefits of community production and marketing, so as to achieve WinMall and advocate for every ordinary person to have a high quality of life business philosophy.

WinMall is a comprehensive e-commerce platform bringing the merchants and consumers together. The core of this e-commerce platform is to allow consumers to generate returns and returns in the course of consumption ,and upgrade consumers from simple consumption patterns from not just consumption, but also turning consumers into business operators, activation of consumption, stimulating domestic demand, so that people able to spend, dare to spend, is willing to spend! It’s revolutionary innovation model certainly set off a wave of consumer spending in the industry

WinMall is committed to create a perfect combination of online and offline shopping mall. Through the offline franchisees merchandise display promotion, so consumers in the shopping at the same time can have a real opportunity of experience, in order to compensate the experience which is unavailable online. It achieves the perfect combination of offline experience, online ordering and offline ordering, realizing the integration and multi-interaction between e-commerce and physical stores and bringing consumers new interest in intelligent shopping.

The world's largest wealth is hidden in the course of consumption; the consumer market is a huge "gold mine".  Non-stop life, non-stop spending

Winmall shall create a basic necessities of living, food, drink of one-stop free big data consumer financial platform. Turning consumer spending into passive income, spend the money we should have spent, make money we originally could not earn, It will be an enormous revolution!

Vision, mission and objectives

Our Vision: Become the Asia's Largest, Best-Managed Mobile Internet Smart Consumer Mall! Achievements Local Enterprises, Create Local Brands

Our Mission: to create a mobile Internet smart platform for SMEs and consumer groups across industries, interoperability and win-win! Resources sharing, interest alliance, mutual benefit and win-win!

Business goals: Making everyone living a happy life, making the world to become more harmonious happiness!

WinMall gathers all merchants and consumers come to this platform, regardless of industry, region, the upper reaches of the downstream, the buyer or seller, the ultra-space joint alliance, as long as lawful compliance can cooperate with us .

We are creating a new sales channel!

We are creating a new era of online store!

Allows you to change from consumer to operator and beneficiary!

Let you happy consumption, easy to get rich,

Have a successful career platform!

Choice is more important than effort, and now is the future!

WinMall and you create a better era!

In this era of commercial civilization, which is dominated by online sales model, WINMALL and its ABC model will become the next generation of e-commerce model after Alibaba's B2B model, Jingdong Mall's B2C model and Taobao's C2C model .